Whole Desserts

We require 72 hours notice for cake and dessert orders.

Elegant Desserts

Pear Almond Tart Poached pears baked in almond frangipane with a buttery toasted almond crust. 11 inches, $36.00

Flourless Chocolate Torte  Rich, soft, intense, and just happens to be gluten~free. 6 inches, $16.00 ~ 10 inches, $27.50

Fresh Fruit Tart (Seasonal) Vanilla pastry cream topped with the season’s freshest fruits and berries ~ often picked that morning on our farm. 7 inches, $18.00 ~ 11 inches, $29.00

Pumpkin Cheesecake (Seasonal) Hello Fall! The perfect ending to your holiday meals. 6 inch, $18.00 ~ 10 inch, $34.00

Casual Cakes

Sour Cream Coffee Cake With cinnamon~walnut~cocoa swirl. This is a cherished vintage recipe handed down through generations. 10 inch ring, $17.95 ~ please order 5 days in advance

Raspberry Almond Coffee Cake Tender cake with raspberry jam and toasted almonds swirled throughout. 10 inch $17.95 ~ please order 5 days in advance

Lemon Almond Pound Cake  Almond paste, butter and lemon combine for a sublime balance of sweet and tart. 10 inch ring, $16.50

Apple Cake (Seasonal) A thick layer of moist coffee cake topped with roasted apples and cider glaze. 10 inches, $25.00

Special Occasion Cakes

Sizes and Prices (unless otherwise noted)

6 inches ~ serves 5~6, $19.95

8 inches ~ serves 8~10 , $29.50

10 inches ~ serves 10~16, $39.95

 Carrot Cake Moist and delicious, with walnuts, raisin, pineapple, and cream cheese frosting.

Incredibly Delicious Coconut Cake Three layers of coconut-infused cake, your choice of buttercream, and covered with toasted organic coconut.

Devil's Food Chocolate Cake Layers of dark chocolate cake with your choice of buttercream frosting.

Vanilla Birthday Cake Buttery layers of yellow cake with your choice of buttercream frosting.

Fresh Fruit Whipped Cream Cake (seasonal) Airy vanilla chiffon cake layered with lightly sweetened whipped cream and seasonal fruits and berries.

Cupcakes! An ever-changing assortment. Please call for current availability.

Buttercream frosting options ~ chocolate, vanilla, mocha, coffee, raspberry, lemon, or almond.

Special Diets

Lemon Cake (made with non~gluten ingredients) Three layers of lemon cake filled with our amazing cream cheese frosting. 6 inches, $21.95 ~ 8 inches, $32.95 ~ 10 inches, $44.95

Vegan Chocolate Cake (made with non~gluten ingredients, too!) Rich chocolate cake with a choice of four frostings ~ chocolate, vanilla, peppermint, or mocha. 6 inches, $21.95 ~ 8 inches, $32.95 ~ 10 inches, $44.95

Banana Chocolate "Free" Cake This is a vegan cake made with non-gluten ingredients. It's nut-free and soy-free too! 6 inches, $21.95 ~ 8 inches, $32.95 ~ 10 inches, $44.95

We also offer a large assortment of cookies, muffins, scones, fine pastries and artisan breads, all bakes fresh daily on the premises.

We require 72 hours notice for cake and dessert orders.

Add a message to any cake for $1.95

Add raspberry or apricot preserves, $3.25

Need it pre-sliced? Add $1.95

Please remove cakes from refrigerator 45 minutes before serving.