Our bread is shaped by hand and baked daily in our hearth oven. 

Available daily:

Bagels Our bagels are fermented overnight at 40 degrees, boiled, and baked. A true bagel with a chewy crust and rich flavor.

Fermentation method: Yeasted poolish

Ingredients: Flour, water, salt, malt, yeast.

Country Sourdough Our own naturally leavened Massachusetts sourdough has a crisp golden crust, a moist, soft crumb, and just a hint of delicious sourdough bite.

Fermentation method: Levain

Ingredients: Flour, water, organic rye flour, organic whole wheat flour, culture, salt.

Multigrain Nine grains and a touch of honey make this our most popular loaf.

Fermentaion methods: Whole wheat and oat levain, pâte fermentée

Ingredients: Water, flour, oats, sunflower seeds, organic whole wheat flour, sesame seeds, millet, barley, cornmeal, rye chops, cracked wheat, flax, honey, salt, culture.

Baguette Three simple ingredients (flour, water and salt), and natural leaven, perform a miracle of flavor. Crispy crust, and a chewy, flavorful crumb.

Fermentation method: 10% whole wheat levain

Ingredients: Flour, water, whole wheat flour, salt, culture.

Ciabatta Rolls A crisp, chewy crust and an open crumb make this little roll worth obsessing over (and many people do - call to reserve or come early, before they sell out).

Fermentation method: Yeasted biga

Ingredients: Flour, water, salt, yeast


Available on a rotating weekly schedule:

Sunday: Sesame Semolina, Olive Ciabatta, Organic Sandwich Loaf

Monday: Honey Oat, French Bâtard

Tuesday: Potato Rosemary, French Bâtard

Wednesday: Cinnamon Raisin, German Rye, French Bâtard

Thursday: German Rye, Turmeric-Leek Loaf, French Bâtard

Friday: Challah, Hazelnut & Fig Sourdough, French Bâtard

Saturday: Caraway Rye, Sesame Semolina, Olive Ciabatta, French Bâtard


We also offer a variety of seasonal breads and viennoiserie, and special holiday loaves.